Luxury, Charm & Authenticity
This charming nineteenth century residence (douiriya) that once welcomed prestigious visitors of War Minister Sultan Moulay-Abd el Aziz, now graciously extends its hospitality to you.

Located in the historic heart of the old city (medina), this hotel is a veritable architectural jewel that beautifully melds traditional décor with all the modern amenities. Lovingly restored over the course of two years under the supervision of talented architect Quentin Wilbaux, the riad faithfully retains its original character, as described in Jean Galloti’s famous book « Arabic Gardens and Houses of Morocco » (1926).
Let your imagination run wild and imagine yourself back in the days of Josephine Baker who loved to stay here during the Second World War. Relive the history that permeates the atmosphere of this uniquely enchanting riad reopened in 2003. Come savour this relaxing oasis of beauty and serenity and enjoy beautiful memories for years to come.
Upon entering, you will be dazzled by the light emanating from the majestic patio where beautifully painted ceramic tiles and a lofty ancient wooden ceiling compete for your attention. The marble fountain is reminiscent of that in the Bahia Palace (same architect, period, and provenance).
Colosseum Hotel